Hi! I’m Lauren. I’m 27 and born and raised in Florida. I have been a full time nanny for almost 5 years, and a part time nanny for a few years before that. I have babysat since I was 13 and have spent an accumulative of 6 months in Uganda volunteering for a children’s ministry. So to say the least, my life is and has been FULL of kids! My love for decorating and design dates back to almost as far as I can remember. I used to dream about having my own place mainly so I could decorate it the way I wanted to.

When I think of my dream home, it’s not so much the size but the location. Somewhere more north, where the heat and humidity aren’t so extreme. I think of lots of acreage where I can have a farm with a ton of animals, mainly horses. And I think of wood floors and marble countertops. Until then, I rent a small outdated house in the suburbs and share it with a roommate, and our 2 dogs. I am currently changing my style from rustic farm house to more of a boho modern farmhouse. So things are in transition here. Everything I buy or make to decorate is all budget friendly, hope you enjoy my stuff!

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