Diy Abstract Painting With Easy Faux Trim


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Let me preface by saying that I am in no way a painter, as you can clearly see. There was a time about a year ago that I really wanted to be a painter, so I watched a ton of youtube videos, bought hundreds of dollars worth of painting supplies to find out that I do not possess the talent to paint. Even with abstract painting, I overthink it and get frustrated and I’m pretty sure you are supposed to paint freely and have fun. I painted these 2 abstract paintings during my “painting phase” and I was not bloggging at the time, so I do not have a tutorial on how I painted them, but I decided to create another abstract painting so that I could document the process.




Supplies Needed:

  1. A 3/4 inch think canvas
  2. Iron on Birch veneer
  3. Acrylic Paint
  4. Gold leaf paint
  5. Iron



1. Find some inspiration on Pinterest and paint your canvas. With the paintings that are hung in my room, I squirted a mix of colors onto the canvas and did long strokes to cover the canvas and blend the colors nicely so that you could still see some individual colors. I then outlined the black with the gold leaf paint.

2. The veneer is super easy,  the bottom gets sticky and adheres as you press the hot iron onto it. I just lined it up at the top and then made sure it was strait and ironed it on. I then cut the bottom using scissors so they matched up, and did that for all four sides.






This is one of the paintings I did while in my painting phase. I am actually pretty impressed with how this one turned out, but I needed a canvas that was 3/4 inch thick so I decided to paint over it for my abstract.










Most canvases already have gesso painted on them, which helps the paint not to absorb into the canvas, but since I am painting over something, and needed it to be white I went ahead and did a layer of gesso.













I decided to scratch this idea and do it differently, but this is how I initially started out.










Final Product:






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