DIY Bead Garland

Well, the first week of 2018 has come to an end, and I had the whole week off so it was a good way to start the year. I am a total introvert and love being home and not having anything to do. I realized a few days ago that I had gone 4 days without talking to another person, yelling at the dogs doesn’t count.  I did, however, put all my Christmas decorations away and started redecorating. My home now looks so empty without Christmas. My mom bought me a white distressed basket tray for Christmas and I love it. I started styling my coffee table/ trunk and felt I needed something else. I have always loved those wooden bead garlands but wanted one right away because I am impatient. Besides Etsy, I didn’t know where to buy it, so I decided the cheapest and quickest way was to just make it. It turned out to be so incredibly easy and cost under $10.


I couldn’t decide what color tassel I wanted, so I bought black, white, leather and jute. I decided I wanted to go with white after trying out the jute, and I thought black might be too much since I already had 2 black pieces on my tray.

  1. Scizzors
  2. Jute string
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. String of your desired color
  5. Wooden beads, I used a bag and a half
  6. Tape


Step 1: Wrap tape around the end so it will be easier to slide through the beads.


Step 2: Slide the desired amount of beads onto the jute string, I used 34 beads, which ended up being a bag and a half of beads.


Step 3: Cut the jute leaving about 3-5 inches of string left on each side. Tape the other end of the just string,


Step 4: Making the tassels: Wrap your string around your hand until you get to your desired thickness. I wrapped mine between 15-20 times.


Step 5: Secure your wrapped string with your pointer finger and wrap more string around the top, cut, and hot glue the string to the wrapped string.


Wrap the string so it looks like this:


Step 6: Cut the ends of the looped tassel so the string flares

Step 7: Slide the just string that is connected to the beads through the top of the tassel, and slide tight.




Step 8: Instead of tying, I looped the string back through the beads to hide it, and that way you can easily change out the tassels if you get tired of them. I ended up going with the white tassels.



and done!

Here is another one I did, I used the same technique but I looped it through the beads to create a big necklace like garland.

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