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Happy new year! I am predicting this will be a big baby year for almost everyone I know, considering so many baby announcements and proposals within the last month have been showing up all over Facebook and Instagram. I love kids! LOVE them! I mean I wouldn’t be a nanny if I didn’t. I cannot wait until I have my own kids, however, I can wait to have all the baby gear, and kids stuff scattered all around the house. One of my best friends is pregnant, and that inspired me to go on the hunt for baby products and accessories that are sleek and don’t make it look like you’re running an in-home daycare! Now that we are in this modern era, we no longer have to sacrifice style for raising kids. You can still have a stylish home with kids stuff everywhere. Some are lucky enough to have an extra room to use as a playroom to contain the kid chaos. Regardless, you can’t contain kids to one room, so their stuff, especially baby gear, becomes a fixture in the house. So why not have baby fixtures that you are proud to have out? Here is my list of all baby essentials, and toys, that I wouldn’t mind having all around my house!





  1. Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair– I am obsessed with this highchair. It is super modern looking, and not at all bulky like most high chairs. It’s easy to clean and converts to a toddler chair once the child gets older!
  2. Sprout Chair– This chair has all the same features as the Skip Hop chair, but has some other neutral color options, and is a bit more expensive.
  3. BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker & Blender– This is such a neutral and sleek baby food maker, you could leave this on your counter
  4. Avanchy Baby/Toddler Tableware–  These bowls and plates I happened upon, are awesome! They are made from organic bamboo and have a suction bottom to keep your child from tipping it. They are pretty pricey for baby/toddler tableware, but it might be worth the price to forgo those tacky plastic character plates! Amazon has all the colors except for black. Here is where you can buy the black one.
  5. Happy Mat – One-piece silicone placemat + plate– This mat is great because it doubles as a plate, so it really helps with clean up and can be easily washed. The company has more color options here.
  6. Bottle Drying Rack– This rack is white, clean-lined and dries a lot of bottles and accessories. What more can you ask for?
  7. Iron Mug/Cup/Bottle Rack– This isn’t technically a baby product, which makes it perfect because you can have it on your counter all the time, and can simultaneously dry the adult cups and mugs as well!
  8. OXO Tot Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush– This is just a simple bottle brush, but it has a stand and is neutral which is my favorite!
  9. Philips Avent Drying Rack– Here is another simple drying rack that you can leave on your counter
  10. aden+anais Freehand Burpy Bib Set– I love these patterns!


Sleeping/ Soothing



  1. Leaf Curv’ Baby Seat– This baby seat is such a cool design, gone are the days of the ugly baby seats!
  2. BABYBJORN Cradle– This cradle is so simple and mesh!
  3. Green Frog Bassinet/Cradle– Here is another cradle with an interesting design, it rocks the opposite from #2.
  4. BABYBJORN Bouncer– Another great looking seat/bouncer. This one is lightweight and adjusts to different levels.
  5. DockATot Deluxe+ Dock – Carrara Marble– Dock A Tots are a must for new moms! They act like a womb keeping the baby snug. You can use it to keep baby safe while co-sleeping, tummy time, and diaper changes.
  6. Monte White Rockwell Bassinet– Alright, this one is a little far-fetched but I am obsessed with its looks! It’s super modern and has copper plating! Swoon-worthy..however, if you aren’t willing to dish out a whopping $495 for a product you’ll use for only 6 months, then #2 or #3 will do.
  7. BabyHome Wave Wooden Rocker– This is such an awesome looking bouncer! Super mid-century design, which is in right now.
  8. Chicco Lullago Travel Crib– This portable crib is cute, compact and lightweight, and is easy to set up and put away. All pieces come off for easy cleaning.
  9. BABYBJORN Travel Crib Here is another portable crib or playpen that is modern and easy to set up and take down.
  10. 4moms MamaRoo 4 Infant Seat– This is an all-around great baby seat, it has 5 different motions, can recline and has Bluetooth to play music.
  11. Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion– This is a new product but I think it is an essential and wish they would have created this sooner. The 2 babies that I was full time with, were both colicky and nothing could soothe them. This would definitely be worth the money if it soothes colicky babies! It helps relieve gas and has 3 vibration settings with heartbeat sounds. Keep in mind, this does not have a rocker, it is just the cushion. You put the cushion on an existing rocker/bouncer seat if you have one.
  12. Ingenuity™ Boutique Collection Rocking Seat – Bella Teddy– Here is another really cute rocker. Super simple, gender neutral, and modern.





  1. Stuart Toy Box– This toy box is so cool looking, just keep it in your living room and throw toys in for a quick cleanup.
  2. Roxy Marj Baby Activity Chair– Baby activity chairs are essential, you can put this anywhere and get stuff done while the baby is entertained, and why not have a stylish looking one like this?!
  3. Ringmaster Baby Activity Gym– Here is another baby essential, If you have kids, you know those baby gyms are always on the floor and out where everyone can see them. This one is super unique because it’s not a million colors, but is still interesting enough to grab the attention of the baby and keeps them entertained!
  4. Gray Buffalo Baby Swing– I saw this swing and immediately fell in love! I want an adult version in my home.  Buffalo is one of my favorite patterns, and with this grey version, it’s neutral and simple and you can put it in any doorway in your home for baby to swing and have fun!
  5. Adventure Kids Rug– I remember playing with those play rugs with roads and buildings as a kid, so I will definitely be getting one for my future kids, but they can be pretty tacky looking, this rug you can leave out in the living room or leave out in your child’s room. It is from a maker in Poland, so shipping will be a little more than usual, but I think it’s definitely worth it for this awesome play rug!
  6. Wooden Baby Gym– Here is another baby gym I’m obsessed with! This is such a cool idea, it is so simplistic and stylish, definitely has that Scandinavian look to it that is very in right now.
  7. Celestial Baby Rattles– Here are some cute rattles you can clip to a baby gym or just let your child play with on the floor!
  8. Black and White Baby Play Mat with Rattles– This is a baby mat you can feel proud to leave out. These patterns are so fun, I wouldn’t mind having them as throw pillows. This comes with rattles that will help stimulate baby while they are doing some tummy time.
  9. Grimm’s Little Black and White Stacker– Almost every baby I have watched have this toy, but this one, with the simple colors, is so unique but still fun for the kids.
  10. Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp– Here is a simple bouncer that also clamps onto any doorframe. These are so much fun for babies and works on their leg muscles to help teach them to walk!
  11. Joovy Spoon Walker– This little walker is simple and clean-lined, and comes in some fun colors aside from the charcoal. You can out suction toys on the tray and baby is entertained!
  12. Trinity Silicone and Wood Teether– Here is a cute teether that also comes in some different colors.
  13. Tipsy Topsy– This is such a cool “toy” because it doesn’t have to be a toy. You can use it as a paperweight or as bookcase decor, or as a toy!
  14. Justina Blakeney Sticks Activity Gym– Here is another baby gym I am in love with! It’s got a unique look with the teepee top and of course the succulent toys, so that’s a win for me.
  15. Metallic Xylophone– Here is a basic toy that’s in every child’s home but isn’t crazy colorful. They also have some blocks and other wooden toys that are this metallic colors.
  16. Plush Basics Baby Book– How adorable is this little book?!



Let me know if you have any of these products, or which ones you love as well!








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  • Mihaela Echols
    January 6, 2018 at 7:42 pm

    If it is cute and practical its perfect! I love the little play floor mat!

  • Ashley
    January 12, 2018 at 10:46 pm

    Love these ideas and how many different categories you included. Great post!!

    • Lauren
      January 14, 2018 at 6:00 pm

      Thanks! I really tried to include everything I could think of.